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Xirrus and Smart Wireless™ are in the “Premier League” and offers a wide range of WiFi solutions

Xirrus Smart Wireless – Xirrus provides the only enterprise Wi-Fi networks specifically designed for the real-time demands of an all-wireless world. Xirrus’ cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions are scalable, future proof, easy to use and provide application control, which makes Xirrus the obvious choice for small, medium, or large-scale Wi-Fi networks.

Xirrus’ unique network architecture can scale to double and quadruple the number of users, without performance impact or the need for additional wiring and access points. And it’s designed to evolve with the changes in Wi-Fi technology and standards, so you won’t need to replace your Xirrus network, even after a decade of use.

What makes it a premier solution is that Smart Wireless™ are approved and accredited byXirrus as a “Premier Partner”.

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