WiFi Troubleshooting Service

If you need WiFi troubleshooting, look no further than Smart LTD. We provide comprehensive WiFi solutions that meet your business needs.

As part of our WiFi troubleshooting service, we will assist you with common problems you may face such as your WiFi not working, slow WiFi, WiFi network disappearance or when certain devices are not connecting to your WiFi.

Our WiFi experts can guide you on why your connection is running slower than usual and effectively troubleshoot a network that doesn’t want to connect.

At Smart LTD, we possess a vast understanding of WiFi, this includes knowing what the various router icons mean such as the ethernet icon, WiFi icon and Globe icon. In addition, how to interpret the different colours of your router’s lights.

It doesn’t matter what issues you are experiencing, we can troubleshoot your WiFi using a variety of solutions.

Apart from recommending the obvious like moving your WiFi router or replugging it. We can advise you on upgrading your router, investing in a mesh router, buying WiFi adapters, changing your router’s channel setting or altering your internet plan.

Not to mention, informing you of our outstanding WiFi installation services where we guarantee high-performance WiFi.

Why Choose Our Service

Our WiFi troubleshooting service is second to none, we have a combined 50 years of experience in WiFi, Boyd, WAN, Lan infrastructure and premise-based wireless technologies.

In addition, we offer a full life cycle service and a range of WiFi solutions for both enterprise and SMB clients. Besides, continual support that meets our client’s requirements.

Therefore, whenever you need WiFi troubleshooting we will be happy to help you resolve the issue as efficiently as possible.

It is not a coincidence we have renowned clients such as the Telegraph Media Group, Amazon and the National Motor Museum. Our troubleshooting Wifi professionals are qualified to resolve any problems.

Smart LTD strives to create a life with perfect WiFi so your business can thrive and you enjoy working without unnecessary stress from disrupted WiFi connections.

If you would like further information about how we can help troubleshoot your WiFi, please give us a call or email any enquiries you have.

Our Clients Include:

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We fix any WiFi problem you're experiencing!
Imagine life with perfect WiFi


What Our Clients Say:

Major Richard Carney MBE

Smart Wireless has provided a complete solution that we can now build on with confidence. In the first week of our trial, we were able to double our mailing list and have seen an influx of customers at the Millstone Hare. In fact, it’s actually …

David R

We have put the WIFI live and our engineer commented on how good your installation work was, he particularly liked the clear labelling and the information in your report allowing him to preconfigure the APs. We will certainly use you again for installations!

Michael Duke, IT Manager

It’s great to finally have fast Wi-Fi coverage in every warehouse aisle

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We fix any WiFi problem you’re experiencing! – ‘Imagine life with perfect WiFi