WiFi Site Survey Warwickshire

WiFi Site Survey in Warwickshire

If you’re looking for a WiFi site survey in Warwickshire, look no further than Smart LTD. We provide brilliant WiFi solutions that match your business needs. 

Smart LTD offers WiFi surveys that allow you to gather crucial information about your wireless environment. This includes identifying weak areas in the wireless environment and knowing where APs should be placed during pre-deployment.

Our professional WiFi site surveys also allow you to gather data regarding radiofrequency behaviour in the area to pinpoint where wireless networks will be installed. Plus, our survey can pick up areas of interference and dead zones to create a reliable network.

As WiFi site survey experts, we aim to find out how feasible it is to install a wireless network in a certain area. Additionally, finding the ideal locations for specialised equipment like antennas and cables as well as the ideal access points.

With the help of our WiFi survey, your clients will know what equipment to invest in and where to place it.  

Specialists In WiFi Site Survey Services In Warwickshire

We are one of the best WiFi Site Survey companies in Warwickshire. A WiFi site survey is important to the planning and design, before installing a new enterprise wireless network, in addition to being aware of any issues in your current business WLAN.

Smart LTD strictly uses the WiFi suite of industry-leading RF survey tools for the most reliable results.

Each of our WiFi surveys considers the size of your premises, required coverage, potential interference and construction of the building.

The Benefits Of A WiFi Survey In Warwickshire

Our WiFi surveys in Warwickshire come with a variety of benefits that make us the best option for WiFi solutions.

Firstly, we can optimise your network by analysing your current setup and identifying ways to improve performance with the help of our WiFi site survey.

Furthermore, Smart LTD guarantees coverage for all your WiFi network requirements such as local interference, application support and high network client capacity.

Lastly, our WiFi professionals know how to design your bespoke network and have a vast amount of experience in building and troubleshooting high performing networks.

If you would like more information about our WiFi site surveys, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

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David R

We have put the WIFI live and our engineer commented on how good your installation work was, he particularly liked the clear labelling and the information in your report allowing him to preconfigure the APs. We will certainly use you again for installations!

Major Richard Carney MBE

Smart Wireless has provided a complete solution that we can now build on with confidence. In the first week of our trial, we were able to double our mailing list and have seen an influx of customers at the Millstone Hare. In fact, it’s actually …

Michael Duke, IT Manager

It’s great to finally have fast Wi-Fi coverage in every warehouse aisle

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We fix any WiFi problem you’re experiencing! – ‘Imagine life with perfect WiFi