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WiFi Interferences and How To Avoid Them

Poor WiFi connection can be a serious buzzkill in your place of work. It is disruptive and frustrating and it leads to workplace downtime, which no one wants!

One reason for issues could be WiFi interference, this can be caused by a number of factors. We will be looking at common causes of WiFi interferences, and what you can do to avoid them. 

What Is A WiFi Interference?

WIFi interference happens when other signals disrupt or interrupt your WiFi signal. 

This can happen due to a whole range of reasons, for example, other WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices and even the office microwave! WiFi interferences are more common in densely populated areas, where multiple devices are competing for bandwidth. 

Common Causes Of WiFi Interferences

Overcrowded channels: 

This is one of the most common sources of WiFI interference. This happens when overlapping networks share similar channels. Congestion or slow speed can occur as too many devices are trying to use the same channel.

What you can do: 

A WiFI site survey can help you determine whether nearby interference will be an issue for your particular business. 

Physical obstructions:

Physical obstructions such as doors, walls and furniture can cause WiFi interference. Building materials such as concrete, metal and plaster can also reduce the WiFi signal. 

What can you do:

The solution is to place routers in well-thought-out areas, so you can increase your signal strengths around the building. Avoid placing routers near physical obstructions such as concrete doors and walls, instead, you should place them where there is a clear line of sight.

Other devices:

Other wireless devices, such as Bluetooth speakers, can cause WiFi interference. This occurs because the devices are operating on the same frequencies. 

What can you do: 

To avoid interference from other devices, you should keep routers away from them. You might want to use wired connections instead of wireless, to minimise the risks of interference.

A WiFi site survey will be able to identify if any of these issues will be a problem for your network and business. We offer WiFi site surveys, and we are also able to fix any WiFi problem you might be experiencing! Just get in touch to find out more about our services. 

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