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What Is A WiFi Survey And How Do You Choose A Provider?

A WiFi survey is a comprehensive analysis of a business location, to help determine optimal installation and WiFi access points. This can help ensure reliable WiFi access in all areas of the business.

A WiFi survey is essential when planning wireless network installation for a new business. It is also helpful if you are looking to identify faults in your current business WLAN.

There are a few different types of WiFi surveys, the size of your business, the construction type and the required coverage will all be taken into account.

The three types of WiFi surveys are:

  • Predictive: these use software to map out virtual models of sites. This is an initial estimate, it isn’t as precise as other types of WiFi surveys. 
  • Active: these measure real-world signal strength and data on a WiFi network.
  • Passive: these listen to all WiFi traffic assets to assess the overall radio frequency and to measure direct interference

What Are The Benefits Of A WiFi Survey?

WiFi surveys offer a huge range of benefits. The main benefit is a way to ensure your network is performing optimally, with minimal downtime. This can improve coverage and user experience. 

WiFi surveys can actually offer a cost saving. The survey can lead to improved optimisation by planning network installations effectively, minimising the chance of costly alterations being needed in future.

Who Needs A WiFi Survey

A WiFi survey is needed in a wide range of instances, including the following:

  • When an office is expanding a WiFi survey is helpful to define optimal WiFi points, to ensure wide coverage
  • When building renovations are being completed a WiFi survey can help determine if the changes will affect the WiFi signal, so a plan can be put in place if so
  • WiFi surveys are useful when networks are being upgraded, to help evaluate performance
  • WiFi surveys are also useful if there are existing WiFi problems, the survey can help troubleshoot

These instances happen in a huge range of industries. WiFi surveys might be needed in healthcare settings, education facilities, warehouses or retail spaces.

If you would like to arrange a WiFi survey for your business, just get in touch with our expert team.

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