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What to do when your Wi-Fi goes down?

Having a Wi-Fi survey can be important when choosing a new network provider. You want to know you have the best signal and connectivity strength available because the internet is a vital part of modern life. Everyone uses the web for one reason or another and whether you’re at home or in the office, having a strong connection is crucial. Unfortunately, things can – and will – go wrong, so, what should you do when the Wi-Fi goes down?

Check your modem

Usually, when the internet goes down, the issue is minor, and it’ll be up and running in no time. Unfortunately, you might have to try some other Wi-Fi troubleshooting methods to get the internet up and running again. Take a good look at your modern or internet router and see if the lights are on and the signal is strong. If you live in an area with a poor signal, you will often rely on Wi-Fi troubleshooting to get you through the trouble. That’s the importance of having a Wi-Fi survey done before choosing an internet provider.

Unplug the modem

As simple as it sounds, this is one of the easiest Wi-Fi troubleshooting tips to try. So, when the internet doesn’t work, unplug the modem; leave it unplugged for a few minutes and check the cables. If there are any loose cables, (remember to check the ethernet cable too) secure them back in the modem and turn it back on. Typically, this will be all that’s needed. It’s a quick fix but a typically successful Wi-Fi troubleshooting technique. Or try resetting the modem.

Call your internet service provider

You may have had a Wi-Fi survey before choosing an internet provider, but things can still go wrong. If you’ve tried everything else, you may want to call your internet service provider. They will give you some Wi-Fi troubleshooting advice to get your service back up and running. If the error, however, isn’t on their side and they can’t assist you over the phone, they’ll typically organise for an engineer to visit you.

Always get a Wi-Fi survey before choosing a provider

A lot of people underestimate the importance of a Wi-Fi survey, but it’s something to seriously consider. While the internet can still go down, it’s less likely to be a recurring problem. That is why a Wi-Fi survey is necessary. Of course, when things go wrong, Wi-Fi troubleshooting is crucial. There are lots of Wi-Fi troubleshooting tips to try and should solve the problem.

Get your service back on its feet

Getting a Wi-Fi survey can be important, especially when choosing a new internet service provider. A Wi-Fi survey can ensure you know the type of signal strength in the area and can choose a suitable internet provider. Of course, the internet can go offline at the worst possible times. It could be an error on your end, so it’s important to unplug the modem and reset it. You should consult Wi-Fi troubleshooting techniques to help sort out the problem or call a professional team.

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