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What Is A WiFi Site Survey

A WiFi site survey is otherwise known as a wireless or radio frequency survey. It is the process of planning and designing a wireless network to provide a wireless solution. This includes having a positive effect on network capacity, roaming capability, data rates and wireless coverage.

When a WiFi site survey is performed, technicians aim to recover the initial WiFi engineering data with any changes that have happened during the interim. This consists of the installation of new construction that is affecting the signal as well as additional systems.

What Is A WiFi Site Survey

The Benefits of a WiFi Site Survey

Helps You Make Informed Decisions

A WiFi site survey ensures you use relevant data to make decisions rather than rely on your instincts. If you do not conduct a site survey you could end up with the wrong placement of the access points.

For example, if you underestimate dead spots, this can lead to businesses losing the value of providing a free WiFi zone and potential customers may go elsewhere.

Improve Security

WiFi site surveys help to build networks that are secure for a range of authorised devices. This is crucial for businesses that require stringent control of devices and for software accessing internal resources.

Cyberattacks are real and can result in stolen data and wireless connectivity disruptions. Both of which can harm business objectives and decrease reputation.

Increase Productivity

WiFi is essential to maintain a high level of productivity in any business. A WiFi site survey can help by identifying how many access points are needed and discovering the ideal locations to place them. Hence, this can lower the risk of poor signals and dead spots which can hurt productivity.

In all businesses, employees require high-quality and consistent WiFi to complete their tasks. A lack of WiFi access due to an excessive number of users or not enough access points can be incredibly frustrating which can also affect staff motivation to work.

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