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What Is A Firewall?

A firewall is software or computer hardware that improves the protection of your network by blocking outsiders from accessing unauthorised data on your computer and filtering traffic. 

In addition to blocking unwanted traffic, a firewall system assists in preventing malicious software from harming your computer.

The Different Types Of Firewalls


A packet-filter firewall is a security program that can block a port number, IP address and traffic IP protocol. These firewalls are ideal for smaller networks due to offering a very basic form of protection.

However, packet-filtering firewalls have many disadvantages. The most significant is the allowance of all web traffic which means web-based attacks are not blocked. Hence, you need to invest in extra protection to identify malevolent and harmless web traffic.

Stateful Multi-Layer Inspection

Stateful multi-layer inspection firewalls have regular firewall capabilities and maintain a record of established connections. Traffic is decontaminated based on protocol, port and state, in addition to administrator-defined rules and context. So data is used from packets from the same connection and prior connections.

Proxy Service

Proxy service firewalls protect your network security by filtering messages at the application layer. These firewalls act as a gateway between your internal network and outside servers. It is otherwise known as a gateway firewall because of its deep packet inspection technology to analyze incoming traffic.

Unified Threat Management

Unified threat management firewalls combine the roles of the stateful multi layer inspection firewall with antivirus and intrusion prevention. Furthermore, other services like cloud management are often included with a unified threat management firewall.


Next-generation firewalls are more complex than standard firewall solutions. They consist of more levels of security which includes packet-filtering in greater depth. Therefore, these firewalls inspect the packet header as well the packet’s content and source. As a result, they can block innovative threats like clever malware.
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