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The Importance Of A WiFi Site Survey

A WiFi site survey might not have been something you’ve ever heard of before, but there are many reasons you should consider getting one. A WiFi site survey is essentially an audit of your network. The coverage at each touch point is thoroughly tested, so that problem areas can be identified and improved. Surveyors can also evaluate your bandwidth, ensuring it can cope with your incoming and outgoing traffic. Finally, they can address any network security problems, highlighting weak points and making recommendations for improving security. 

We’ve gone through some of these reasons below…

Limits WiFi Downtime

WiFi downtime and dead spots can be damaging to your business and its profits. If your employees or clients cannot connect to the internet, their output is likely to decrease. Or, in the case of offering WiFi to customers, downtime could drive them to your competitors instead. Many network managers try to overcompensate for dead spots by using excessive signal boosts, which can prove costly and ineffective. 

If you arrange a WiFi site survey, skilled technicians can visit your property to carefully test services across your whole site, before making recommendations to improve your coverage. We always suggest a WiFi site survey to ensure you are getting maximum coverage and minimum downtime. This investment will give you the confidence you need to meet your goals!

Other Benefits of A WiFi Site Survey

  • A WiFi site survey can actually keep your costs down, as it prevents frequent call-outs to maintenance teams. 
  • Having a WiFi site survey conducted may mean you are entitled to a maximum coverage guarantee.
  • A survey can boost efficiency and improve workflow via better speeds and coverage.
  • Can increase customer retention and return visits.

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