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Need a temporary WiFi network for your event? Smart Wireless designs networks for trade shows, conferences, outdoor festivals, and more.

WiFi Solutions for Events

Your event WiFi from Smart Wireless will come with all the power of our standard WiFi packages, designed and maintained by our expert engineers. We have the skills, equipment, and insight to devise a creative wireless Internet solution for your event, no matter the size and scale. Our services support your unique event, providing optimised, reliable coverage to you and your event guests.

You have an event to plan. Leave the network engineering to us.

Benefits of Our Event WiFi Solutions

We’ll guarantee coverage

Is your event a sprawling outdoor music festival? Does it take place in a large conference hall with several breakout rooms? Maybe your event is only 20 people gathered in one room. We’ll guarantee a high-performing wireless network that keeps everyone connected no matter where in the event space they are.

We’ll design your bespoke network

Events require one-of-kind planning – WiFi included. Need a photo booth, laptops, and a DJ stand? Whatever devices you need, we’ll make sure they’re connected. Not sure of the WiFi specifics of your event? No problem. We’ll do a survey beforehand that will allow us set up your network efficiently.

We can optimise your network

Just because your WiFi is temporary doesn’t mean you should sacrifice performance. Our engineers will take your guest capacity and app usage into account when designing your network, to ensure it performs at its optimal level.

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We fix any WiFi problem you're experiencing!
Imagine life with perfect WiFi


What Our Clients Say:

David R

We have put the WIFI live and our engineer commented on how good your installation work was, he particularly liked the clear labelling and the information in your report allowing him to preconfigure the APs. We will certainly use you again for installations!

Michael Duke, IT Manager

It’s great to finally have fast Wi-Fi coverage in every warehouse aisle

Major Richard Carney MBE

Smart Wireless has provided a complete solution that we can now build on with confidence. In the first week of our trial, we were able to double our mailing list and have seen an influx of customers at the Millstone Hare. In fact, it’s actually …

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We fix any WiFi problem you’re experiencing! – ‘Imagine life with perfect WiFi