Smart Wireless designs and supports wireless networks for businesses in several sectors. We can take your business to the next level.

Our WiFi Sectors

Our WiFi solutions are tailored to your business and your specific needs. Having worked with clients from across several sectors, our engineers know how to deploy and maintain wireless networks that fit your business and exceed industry standards in performance. We understand the nuances of each sector we work with, from warehouses and marinas to retail shops and events.

We’ll guarantee WiFi coverage for your business, design a bespoke network, and optimise your wireless network for maximum performance.


WiFi and warehouses aren’t a natural fit. With metal machinery, high radio frequencies, and handheld devices taking up bandwidth, installing WiFi in a warehouse or distribution center is a challenge. Our experts overcome these barriers and deploy a wireless network that keeps up with your business.


WiFi is a business necessity today. Without a wireless network, your employees are chained to their desks. Clients that visit your office can’t get online either, lowering their impression of your company. We design WiFi for offices and office blocks that keeps your productivity flowing.


Hotels have unique WiFi needs – guests, staff members, and vendors all need wireless coverage anywhere on your property. Our WiFi networks keep everyone connected and ensure they have a speedy Internet connection when they need it.


A robust WiFi network enhances the shopping experience. Customers want retail stores with WiFi stations, a dedicated store app, and location-based services when they shop. A Smart Wireless network will handle all these features and guarantee optimal performance.


Today’s schools, colleges, and universities need high-speed Internet to facilitate the learning process. Ensure students and faculty have the resources they need while keeping everyone secure online with an education WiFi package from Smart Wireless.


Special events only need temporary WiFi networks, but that doesn’t mean they should sacrifice on performance. Our specialised engineers design wireless networks for outdoor and indoor events, guaranteeing coverage and speed no matter how many attendees you have.


Make your marina stand out from the competition by providing accessible, reliable WiFi to staff and visitors. We make the most of nearby infrastructure to enhance your marina’s network and integrate any retail apps or security systems you use.


If you’re providing WiFi to tenants in your rented accommodation or student accommodation, you want to guarantee connectivity and reliable Internet access. Our specialised accommodation WiFi allows your tenants, students, or guests to use the Internet they need while staying secure.

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We fix any WiFi problem you're experiencing!
Imagine life with perfect WiFi


What Our Clients Say:

David R

We have put the WIFI live and our engineer commented on how good your installation work was, he particularly liked the clear labelling and the information in your report allowing him to preconfigure the APs. We will certainly use you again for installations!

Michael Duke, IT Manager

It’s great to finally have fast Wi-Fi coverage in every warehouse aisle

Major Richard Carney MBE

Smart Wireless has provided a complete solution that we can now build on with confidence. In the first week of our trial, we were able to double our mailing list and have seen an influx of customers at the Millstone Hare. In fact, it’s actually …

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We fix any WiFi problem you’re experiencing! – ‘Imagine life with perfect WiFi