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Samsung connected guest experience

Hospitality & Leisure

Learn how Samsung can modernise your hotel to provide a seamless and personalised experience for every guest.

Use digital automation to offer guests a personalised & connected experience

• Increase customer satisfaction by providing the best guest experience. • Digitally enable brand authenticity to gain customer loyalty.

Expedite and simplify your guest’s check-in process

Fresh off the plane, guests can quickly check in from the taxi on the way to the hotel through an app on their Mobile Device. Check-in information will be immediately sent to the phone, after which it can be conveniently used as a digital room key. Guests just simply have to tap their phone against the Smart Door Lock to open their room door. It also means they can skip the queue at the check-in desk—just what they need after a long flight.

Deliver home comfort for your guests

Once inside the room, guests can use the in-room tablet or the Commercial TV with LYNC HMS solution to easily adjust the lighting and draw the blinds, all without having to move. And since the System Air Conditioner with Zensys solution is integrated into the room occupancy system, guests can also control the temperature however they see fit to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. In the background is the Smart WLAN solution acting as a wireless IoT access point with in-room sensor interaction. With truly integrated smart rooms, the environment of each one can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of individual users.

Enrich your guest stay with personalised infotainment

While adjusting the conditions in the room, guests can be greeted with a personalised welcome message on the Commercial TV with LYNC SINC/REACH. An information hub and entertainment device in one, guests can check out information on hotel services, promotions, and events while enjoying a myriad of entertainment options. And since their personal mobile device will immediately connect to the Wi-Fi hub built directly into the TV, they have the flexibility of viewing in-room TV content on their mobile device or streaming their personal content to the big screen. Guests can also conveniently access hotel services to order room service or housekeeping.

Tap into every need of your guests

Continuing the personalised room experience, rooms can be equipped with In-Room Guest Tablets with Guest Service solution to tap into all of your guests’ needs. With easy access to local area information and the hotel service menu in the language of their choice, guests will find ordering services and checking out hotel events a pleasant experience. They can order room service, make dinner reservations at one of the hotel’s premium restaurants, or request for housekeeping in a snap. And with the Smart WLAN Solution working in the background, enabling internet connectivity between all wireless devices is quick and easy.

Allow your guests to check out at their convenience

All good things must come to an end. In some hotels, checking out is a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. After enjoying breakfast in bed, guests can use the Commercial TV or in-room Tablet to view and digitally sign their bill from the convenience of their room. On the way out, they can pick up the paper bill which has just been printed out in the lobby from the Cloud Printer with PrinterOn solution. There’s no key to drop off or anything to sign, so it’s straight into the waiting taxi to the airport, booked the night before through the TV.

Source: Samsung

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