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Home working internet solutions

The switch to home working has been tough on some of our WiFi systems as workforces around the world move to remote work, whether it be temporary or permanent. Whilst many of us are separated from our colleagues, we are also connected via the internet like never before. At Smart Wireless, we want to help organisations run like before, so they can keep doing what they do with minimal interruption from poor internet connection, this is where our home working solutions come in.

For those who are looking to modify their networks, to optimise their home working output, we offer easy and secure options. Meraki Z1 and Z3 devices can be pulled out of the box and plugged in virtually anywhere in the world, instantly delivering a seamless “in-office” experience from the comfort of your own home.

With our Meraki cloud management, we are able to maintain visibility of employee networks, monitoring potential interference to maximise workforce productivity.

Here are just some of the tools available to companies looking after remote workers:

  • Creation of site-to-site VPNs in a few clicks
  • Seamless and secure remote network access with WiFi, over an encrypted tunnel
  • Maintenance of service continuity with cellular backup
  • Keeping end-user devices secure when off-network
  • Remote troubleshooting of employee connectivity and applications

The Meraki dashboard has also been updated to allow IT admins to identify VPN clients within the organisation.

Who can benefit from home working solutions?

Critical work is completed in sectors such as healthcare and transport, so employees need to stay connected at all times. A sudden outage of the internet can have a huge impact on sectors such as these, these workers need internet every second of the day.

Connection is also important in sectors such as IT, where employers want to ensure their employees have the same secure and reliable network access they get at work.

Most industries or employees could make use of our home working solutions, just get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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