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What Is An Ekahau WiFi Survey

Wi-Fi issues in the workplace are more common than one would assume. Reasons may include inadequate wireless network capacity (capacity overload), connectivity issues, security breaches, and so on.

There is a solution to this however, and that is Ekahau Wi-Fi surveys.

So what exactly is an Ekahau Wi-Fi Survey?

An Ekahau Wi-Fi survey is one of the best ways for you to test your site before instalment, to ensure a high-performance wireless network can be established. The Ekahau Wi-Fi is known as the most current market-leading technology for wireless surveys.

This wireless site survey makes sure that you are able to plan your Wi-Fi network, troubleshoot any potential problems before installation, as well as meet any of your specific requirements for the Wi-Fi. Ekahau Wi-Fi checks Wi-Fi network design and whether it will work, which optimises Wi-Fi performance, connectivity, and security.

If there is an existing network in your workplace but you are encountering issues, Ekahau Wi-Fi can recognise where the problems are, and offer solutions that an Ekahau Wi-Fi engineer can assist you with.

How do Ekahau site surveys function?

A survey engineer will carry out a full assessment when you arrange for them to visit your business location.

They will identify the best and worst places to install wireless access points (APs).

They will provide ongoing support and resolve issues that may occur in the future.

They will enhance your Wi-Fi coverage, performance, and security.

Ekahau can assess the radio frequency in different areas where interference may be encountered, find physical obstructions within the office that may result in weak signals, or even dead zones that may affect the overall Wi-Fi performance.

Why do you need an Ekahau Wi-Fi survey?

Ekahau Wi-Fi is fast and effective, and these site surveys perform very well for businesses that have a high volume of users.

Implementing wireless access points in optimal locations that have a strong Wi-Fi signal will help create maximal coverage, enhancing the overall user experience.

Ekahau Wi-Fi survey engineers also consider cabling and power sources, providing a bespoke wireless floor plan when carrying out the survey, particularly useful in buildings that do not yet have a wireless network. This allows predictions of high performances straight off the bat, to avoid any unnecessary costs in the future.

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