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Do you have a B2C business model??

Then here are 5 must do’s with WiFi data analytics!

Technology advances in WiFi and the ability to capture behavioural data is exploding in the retail sector. We are all too often reminded of the benefits and in some cases the downsides of being “visible” on the web. However, for the main part, using data capture and analytics on your shopping habits and personal likes and dislikes can be a good thing.

How often do we receive useless, irrelevant offers without personalisation? Those retailers who are leading the way in personalised communication, relevant to our tastes and behaviours are seeing exponential growth in key markets.

What’s more, it is relatively cost effective to deploy a solution that can capture, educate and interact with your customer and end user clients. Often utilising existing WiFi infrastructure it is possible to track and generate marketing tools to personalise your communication and customer interaction.

  1. Ensure you are compliant with GDPR by using recognised and known data analytics software and tools
  2. Work with a partner such as, Smart Wireless, who are recognised WiFi specialists capable of an end to end solution
  3. Be clear on what data you are collecting
  4. Plan on how to market to your customers with relevant and personal communication
  5. Have a metric that underpins success and demonstrates ROI on the campaign

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