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Diagnosing Your WiFi Problem: Three Common Issues

These days, high speed WiFi is increasingly becoming a necessity for modern, productive office spaces and WiFi issues can be an absolute nightmare. Not only do they slow things down but they create confusion and frustration. They make communication harder and, in the worst cases, they create an environment where it can be difficult and time-consuming to get even the simplest jobs done.

That being said, most WiFi issues aren’t all that complicated when you get right down to it and with some time and attention they can be easy enough to fix. Today we’ll be looking at three common WiFi issues, how you can diagnose them, and what the best solutions might be.

Issues With Connectivity

Sitting and watching your computer try and fail to find a network is never fun, especially if it’s a regular occurrence. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common are issues with the modem/router.

Solution: check that your network drivers are all up to date and make sure you’re not getting too much interference from other devices.

Limited Range/Coverage

Another of the major issues people face with their WiFi – particularly in office spaces – is limitations when it comes to range/coverage. Limited coverage is, generally speaking, an inherent limitation in the hardware you’re using. The only ways you can improve the problem are to buy new hardware or move people closer to the modem.

That’s not to say you’ll have to completely replace the modem, or that replacing it would even do you much good. Even the best modems are only designed to cover a certain distance.

Solution: If you want to really extend the range of your connection, then you’ll want to install high speed WiFi extenders at strategic points throughout the office.

Inconsistent Or Slow Internet Speeds

Lastly, perhaps the most common and most frustrating WiFi issue people can face is slow internet speeds. There can be a number of causes for this problem but often times the irritating truth is that it has more to do with your service provider than it does to do with you. Depending on which service provider you’re using and how much infrastructure they have in the local area, your connection speeds may vary a great deal.

Solution: Before spending any money on a new high speed WiFi package, you should absolutely check for problems like interference from other devices or potential network security issues. If you do decide to change or upgrade your package, be sure to do your research and find the best high speed WiFi deal in your area.

If all that sounds quite technical then don’t panic! Contact us today at 0345 3 822 866 and we’ll help you to get the high speed wifi you’ve always dreamed of.

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