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Magic Madhouse

Based in Enfield, Magic Madhouse is one of the UK’s biggest online retailer of trading cards, board-games, and accessories. They are the leading online retailer of official Magic: the Gathering and Pokémon trading cards and hold a huge range of other specialist products. With such a highly diverse range of stock items, the need for automated and secure stock control and picking is paramount to ensure the speed of delivery to the customer.

Our Client's Challenge

  • Limited legacy Wi-Fi network with insufficient coverage
  • Complex warehouse stock configuration and racking environment
  • As the company is increasingly relying on innovative technologies, IT needed a unified, centrally managed solution that would minimise team resources and provide maximum return

How We Helped This Client

  • Onsite Ekahau Pro RF Design Survey preformed to ascertain AP locations.
  • Over 1-2 days, installed R610 APs and ICX7150 switches in all pre-defined locations.
  • Company-owned devices access the network via WPA2, while guests on a separate SSID are limited by Layer 7 firewall rules
  • Using group policies, the IT team can schedule when guest users are permitted on the network and which resources they can access
  • VLAN tagging enabled on each AP to route traffic appropriately

The Results

  • Complete site wide Wi-Fi coverage providing support for scanners, smartphones, laptops, and voice enabled devices.
  • Per-SSID and per-client bandwidth limits, Layer 3 and Layer 7 firewall and traffic shaping rules are customised as needed
  • Guests on personal devices, employees on company-owned devices, and WiFi-enabled scanners are experiencing greatly improved performance
  • Using virtual stacking, the network admin can make per-port changes and security updates via the Ruckus Cloud dashboard
  • Built-in troubleshooting features like, throughput tests, and DHCP warnings have allowed the team to be proactive with network management and save time
  • With firmware upgrades and feature releases automatically applied to the network, the team benefits from a future-proof network
  • As the company grows and expands, they can add new devices and have them integrate seamlessly into the existing network

Why CommScope Ruckus

  • Centralised dashboard allows the single network admin to have full visibility into and control over the entire site from anywhere
  • Customisable features for each SSID permit tailored control over how users access the network to ensure appropriate usage and an improved user experience
  • Unified solution of switches and APs offers a single management platform, rather than various solutions to understand and monitor

Our Client:
Magic Madhouse

Based in:
Enfield, UK

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What Our Client Said:

It's great!

It’s great to finally have fast Wi-Fi coverage in every warehouse aisle
Michael Duke, Magic Madhouse

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