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Dallas Burston Polo Club

Across their 600-acre estate, Dallas Burston Polo Club is an award-winning events venue in Warwickshire, offering guests a state-of-the-art events & exhibition centre, pub, restaurant, Asian wedding venue, polo club, entertainments venue and 5-start lodge rentals.

With rapid expansion of their site, Dallas Burston needed to upgrade their LAN and WLAN. Their venue needed to cope with 1000+ simultaneous users on their Wi-Fi network.

The club, which is home to multiple buildings across the site; IXL Events Centre, The Clubhouse, QEII Golden Jubilee Pavilion and The Millstone Hare, a popular restaurant, bar and lounge, wanted to start providing free connectivity to their visitors.

Having a public WiFi network for guests would not only ensure people can share their experiences online, browse the web and connect with others, but it also provides the venue with additional publicity on social media, which will help to generate awareness for the polo club

Our Client's Challenge

  • Multiple Buildings on site
  • Buildings 100 of metre’s apart
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi required
  • Multiple SSID’s needed
  • No existing network infrastructure

How We Helped This Client

  • Cisco Meraki was recommended as the vendor of choice as they provide both the LAN and WLAN infrastructure. This included both layer 2 & 3 switching MS250 series switches along with a MS250 security appliance in hot standby configuration.
  • An onsite Ekahau Pro Survey was conducted to ascertain AP mounting locations.
  • Point-to-Point MR74 AP wireless links were recommended to enable suitable bandwidth back to the main network centre from the various remote locations situated across the site.
  • Individual splash pages were created for each part of the site allowing for bespoke advertising and branding. With social media login, the analytics allowed the marketing team to target their campaigns based on various demographics including age, gender, regular customers etc.
  • Company-owned devices access the network via WPA2, while guests on a separate SSID are limited by Layer 7 firewall rules
  • Using group policies, the IT team can schedule when guest users are permitted on the network and which resources they can access
  • VLAN tagging enabled on each AP to route traffic appropriately

The Results

  • Complete site wide Wi-Fi coverage providing support for, smartphones, laptops, POS and voice enabled devices.
  • Per-SSID and per-client bandwidth limits, Layer 3 and Layer 7 firewall and traffic shaping rules are customised as needed
  • Guests on personal devices, employees on company-owned devices, and
  • Using virtual stacking, the network admin can make per-port changes and security updates via the Meraki Cloud dashboard
  • Built-in troubleshooting features like, throughput tests, and DHCP warnings have allowed the team to be proactive with network management and save time
  • With firmware upgrades and feature releases automatically applied to the network, the team benefits from a future-proof network
  • As the company grows and expands, they can add new devices and have them integrate seamlessly into the existing network

Our Client:
Dallas Burston Polo Club

Based in:
Southam, UK

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What Our Client Said:

Smart Wireless has provided a complete solution that we can now build on with confidence

Smart Wireless has provided a complete solution that we can now build on with confidence. In the first week of our trial, we were able to double our mailing list and have seen an influx of customers at the Millstone Hare. In fact, it’s actually become busy enough to start opening 7 days a week and extend our service hours. We now do about 150 covers at the weekends, selling out of roasts on Sundays, and are constantly increasing our popularity mid-week by providing excellent service and improving our customer engagement.
Major Richard Carney MBE

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