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As it always does, it started with a call – CCTV installation

As it always does, it started with a call, “we have had an attempted break in and the CCTV system has failed” and by the way the company that was supposed to look after it, we can’t get hold of!!

Can you come and have a look ASAP. The next day our engineers were on site to find out that the CCTV server had failed and no images were being recorded.

A plan was put into place for a new Avigilon server and licences to be purchased and the deployment of the new server was made.

Then we found more issues, only 17 of the 25 cameras could be seen as the uplink cables have been cut and need to be replaced and also that the old company installed cameras but did not have enough licences. On the server!

The moral of the story is, choose your Avigilon installer wisely such as and have a monthly health check contract in place so you protect the valuables such as people and property.

Do you have a CCTV system that is not maintained, call us today and let us come and review your current installation. (survey fees could apply)

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